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Project Inspire Residency Coach


Project Inspire maintains a promise to host school principals that its graduates will be ready from day one--ready to be fierce advocates for equity, ready to demonstrate the deep belief that all students can thrive when given the chance, and ready to promote a more inclusive culture within the school. In order to achieve this goal, the residency coach must work closely with host teachers, called clinical instructors, to cultivate a culture of growth and coaching at host residency sites. The residency coach must also provide ongoing support to program alumni as they enter the profession–through strategic connections with host schools. Most importantly, the residency coach will focus on coaching clinical instructors, residents, and graduates in real-time contexts with students, so that we can consistently keep the equity of student voice and rigor of student engagement at the center of our learning. We are proud that four of the most recent Hamilton County Teachers of the Year are Project Inspire graduates and most have exceeded their years of commitment.


  • Coaching clinical instructors and residents (50%)

  • Curriculum development and implementation (20%)

  • Project Inspire seminars

  • UTK coursework

  • Administrative support (10%)

  • Data collection and reporting

  • Internal program tools and processes

  • Alumni engagement (10%)


  • Minimum of 3 years of teaching experience

  • Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred)

  • Fluency with Google Drive, Slack, and/or other collaborative digital tools

  • Experience leading professional learning for adults/educators

  • Documented self-study around issues of identify, belonging, and justice

  • Demonstrated belief in ALL learners

  • Experience with the teacher residency model


  • Salary range: $50,000-$60,000 annually

  • Retirement: After one full year of employment, PEF will contribute an amount equal to 7.5% of the employee’s salary to a managed retirement account (currently with American Funds). The employee may begin to contribute to that account immediately upon employment with PEF.

  • Health Insurance: individual and family options available.

  • Working with a dynamic, small but mighty team who is also passionate about equity, social justice, and belief in public education.

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