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Join us as we explore cutting-edge strategies blended with timeless leadership principles in our dynamic new workshop series. 

Designed for educational, business, and community leaders, these free monthly sessions will provide practical insights to enhance your leadership in today’s diverse, fast-paced environment. Elevate your approach by integrating tradition with innovation as we learn alongside each other. 

The Innovative Leadership Series, hosted by PEF’s Mark Neal, Michael Stone, and Dr. Edna Varner, offers a diverse range of monthly sessions led by accomplished local and national leaders. These sessions are designed to explore and develop practical strategies for integrating innovative practices based on timeless leadership principles. Kickstarting the series, Michael Stone will lead the February session, providing an insightful session on Getting Started with Generative A.I. (highlighting ChatGPT, Microsoft CoPilot, MidJourney, and other LLMs).

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