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The World's Largest Fab Lab Network

Volkswagen eLabs provide students access to state-of-the-art digital fabrication labs focused on engineering design principles and environmental stewardship. These labs, a collaborative effort supported by Volkswagen Group of America, PEF, and Hamilton County Schools, are a model for modern education.

Each VW eLab is designed to capitalize on the unique vision and culture of each school. Integrated directly into the school schedule, the labs provide an incredible opportunity for students to experience deep learning as a result of rich experience. The technology in the labs empowers students to engage in personalized learning by working on projects that are tailored to their specific interests and learning styles.


VW eLabs in HCS schools


students can access a lab


teachers use VW eLabs daily

Rather than building a direct pathway to specific jobs by focusing on specific discrete skills (like an academy for welding or robotronics), VW eLabs use a holistic approach that focuses on helping students develop essential skills like critical thinking, creative problem solving, and communication.


As students use the technology to create functional solutions to authentic problems, they also develop the agility and adaptability necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Essentially, schools are using VW eLabs to teach students to learn how to learn!

Dynamic Learning Experiences

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