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Executive Assistant to the President


The executive assistant to the president provides direct support to PEF’s president and ensures the efficient operation and intelligent organization of the president’s office.


Critical responsibilities include:

  • Managing the president’s daily schedule by working collaboratively with the president to determine priorities, independently schedule appointments, organize travel.

  • Ensuring optimal flow of information between the president and PEF staff by suggesting issues and information to disseminate to staff during the work week as well as during monthly staff meetings; more generally, serving as a liaison and a trusted first point of contact for staff members.

  • Supporting the work of the senior leadership team by helping to develop the agenda for each SLT meeting, gathering and disseminating materials needed for each meeting, compiling and disseminating meeting notes, and providing support on follow up items.

  • Serving as a warm and effective liaison to PEF and to PEF’s president by getting to know PEF’s many partners, investors, and clients as well as the many educators and students PEF works with, consistently making them feel welcome and appreciated.

  • Serving as a warm and effective liaison to PEF’s Board members by immediately acknowledging any requests or questions from Board members and, working with the president, delivering a timely response; leading the production of the president’s quarterly report to the Board, organizing the logistics of quarterly board meetings, and preparing a draft of Board meeting minutes for the Board secretary.

  • Organizing the president’s meetings by securing attendance of key participants, gathering and distributing critical materials in advance, preparing the venue, and following through on next steps.

  • Establishing and maintaining a highly efficient office and workflow by creating and maintaining a transparent information flow and filing system, working on-site as much as possible, being immediately available during normal work hours and, when needed, after normal work hours and on weekends.


  • Organizational skills and ability to multi-task

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Collaborative and warm personality

  • Commitment to equity, diversity, and public education

  • Deep and abiding commitment to PEF’s mission and goals


  • Medical insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • 401(k)

  • Paid maternity leave

The anticipated base salary range for this position is $49,500 to 59,500. Exact salary depends on several factors such as experience, skills, market, and budget.

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