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Dr. Keith White

Vice President
Research and Effectiveness

Keith White serves as PEF’s Director of Research and Effectiveness. While Dr. White supports all PEF programs in their research and evaluation efforts, his passion is turning data into information. In addition, Keith is passionate about applying developmental psychology to academic assessments and tests.

Having worked with the Kentucky State Legislative Research Commission during the overhaul of the state’s testing and accountability system, he is comfortable talking big data and psychometrics with a variety of stakeholders and colleagues. A triple Saluki, from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Keith began his career as a researcher and postsecondary instructor and has worked with the College Crusade of Rhode Island and Tufts University School of Medicine.

Dr. White lives with his wife and three children in Sale Creek, TN and and believes that if a public school or program is not good enough for his children, it is not good enough for ANY child.

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