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Teachers Leading Teachers in CS

The CS Cohort of Cohorts is an innovative program that supports teachers in developing their computer science and electronics skills through hands-on physical computing. 

The program involves recruiting passionate educators, known as Cohort Champions, from various schools to serve as leaders and recruit a cohort of 3-10 teachers from their own school to participate. These teachers will then take on one CS design challenge each week for 20 weeks, while also convening bi-weekly with their school-based cohort to discuss their progress and address any challenges that arise.


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PEF provides access to a virtual community of practice, weekly design challenges, and Micro:Bits or Arduinos and sensor kits for participating teachers. The challenges are designed to introduce coding and electronics concepts and provide opportunities for authentic engagement with computer science and electronic principles. Additionally, we facilitate monthly check-ins for Cohort Champions to provide direct, on-going support and guidance.

While we welcome anyone to join, the design challenges are created with teachers in mind, and assume the participants have limited (if any) experience with coding and electronics. Did we mention, CS Cohort of Cohorts is completely FREE! Thanks to the support of several of our partners and to the generous financial support of the TSIN, we are able to support this work at no cost to participants.

Opportunities for Students

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