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Rhae Makansi

Project Inspire Recruiter

Aliyarhae (Rhae) Makansi is a Recruiter on the Project Inspire team with PEF. With Project Inspire Rhae creates connections between new teachers, eager to change students’ lives, and experienced teachers, who have demonstrated excellence in cultivating meaningful relationships with their students. Rhae guides new Project Inspire residents through the application process and empowers them to follow their passions. Rhae also manages communications for the Project Inspire team. Rhae writes press releases, newsletters, and E-mails to keep Project Inspire, PEF, and the Chattanooga community involved in Project Inspire’s accomplishments in creating diverse and equitable Hamilton County schools. 

Rhae has a B.A. in Philosophy with a concentration in Environmental Science from Maryville College. Previously Rhae has worked in environmental journalism for companies such as The Philadelphia Inquirer and WHYY, both based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rhae has also been a paralegal for family, civil, and criminal lawyers. In addition, Rhae has worked as a group facilitator for an outdoor adventure company, called Mountain Challenge, based in Maryville, Tennessee. In all of these roles Rhae has enjoyed inspiring individuals and cultivating connections. Rhae envisions a world that exhibits a unity in diversity, where every part is seen as essential to the whole. Rhae’s work with Project Inspire continues contributing to a unity in diversity because diversity, authenticity, and integrity are valued as necessary parts of the work.

Rhae lives in a Co-op community with 12 other adults, a child, 3 dogs, a cat, 6 chickens, and 5 fish. Rhae enjoys collaborating on DIY construction and gardening projects with Rhae’s roommates. Rhae loves being an organizer and friend in Rhae’s housing community. In Rhae’s spare-time Rhae is an artist, philosopher, and bass-player. Rhae loves nature and is devoted to constantly improving sustainability in Rhae’s personal and professional lives alike.