Principal Leadership Academy

Great schools require great leaders. Education leaders are identified, developed, and supported through the Leadership Pipeline, a collaboration with Hamilton County Schools.

Being a principal isn’t easy

It’s comparable to being the CEO of a good sized business, and a good principal is important for the success of a school, its teachers and its students. The Principal Leadership Academy is an intensive, year-long program to train, mentor and prepare our future principal leaders. The topics covered range from management and finance to human resources and external development. Additionally, every aspiring principal is paired with a mentor from the business community.

Aspiring Principals

10th Class of Aspiring Principals

We are proud to welcome the tenth class of aspiring principals to the Principal Leadership Academy!

  • Jennifer Brownlee - Orchard Knob Elementary
  • Ashley Cross- Battle Academy
  • Joseph Galletta - East Ridge Elementary
  • Lindsey Hagan - Barger Academy
  • Belinda Martin - Brainerd High
  • Aaron Marvel - Clifton Hills Elementary
  • Meghan Moss- Soddy Elementary
  • Amy Myhan- Sequoyah High
  • Bethanie Reynolds- Ooltewah Elementary
  • Andrea Short - Howard High

9th Class of Aspiring Principals

Congratulations to ninth cohort of Principal Leadership Academy graduates

  • Jim David – STEM School
  • Jasmine Farrow – East Side Elementary
  • Sarah Lane – Loftis Middle
  • Martha McMillan – East Lake Elementary
  • Donnie Mullins – Ooltewah High
  • Kimberly Pringle – Snow Hill Elementary
  • Tyler Rich
  • Tonya Rose – Hardy Elementary
  • Jessie Schmid – Snow Hill Elementary
  • Elias Smith – Brown Middle
  • Valerie Smith – Red Bank Elementary

The Principal Leadership Academy is a partnership between PEF, Hamilton County Schools, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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