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Robust internship program for juniors and seniors in Hamilton County public schools

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Our College and Career Success work supports students' exploration of post-secondary options by providing access to programs, higher education, workforce opportunities, and resources so they reach their fullest potential and live successful lives.

Our strong collaboration with families, schools, and community partners is integral to the success of our students achieving their goals.

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Organizations hosting STEP-UP interns will build relationships with a pool of talented, diverse future employees while filling job vacancies and demonstrating a commitment to improving the lives of at-risk youth. Students will have opportunities to explore careers while developing work skills, as well as to network with adult professionals who can help them achieve educational and professional goals.

We are actively seeking partnerships with local organizations who want to hire STEP-UP interns. Please contact Jeff Rector or complete the contact form for more information.


STEP-UP Chattanooga helps bridge this critical gap between our talented young people and the needs of our region’s workforce.

STEP-UP Chattanooga will provide young people with internships at local companies, nonprofits and public agencies, providing critical work-readiness training, on-the-job experience, professional connections and ongoing support for career and college success.

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