Our Mission

PEF supports the transformation of public education so that every student is prepared for success.

Our Beliefs

We believe…

  • In the power of public education to transform communities.
  • Every student can succeed, regardless of neighborhood or background.
  • All children need to be safe, nurtured, and supported to succeed.
  • Success comes in many forms – learners have unique needs, talents, and aspirations.
  • Equity is about fairness, opportunities, and inclusion, and is possible when practiced every day, at every level.
  • All public schools must have highly effective teachers and leaders who, in turn, have excellent ongoing training and support.
  • Creating and sustaining high-performing public schools demands the support of an entire community.

Our Goals

  1. Successful Students:  PEF creates and implements programs that provide equitable and accessible opportunities that empower public school students to choose their pathway to success in college, career, and life.
  2. Great Teachers:  PEF attracts talent into the teaching profession and cultivates great teachers who passionately and consistently propel students toward a successful future.
  3. Great School Leaders:  PEF collaborates with partners to develop effective public school leaders who create learning environments that inspire exploration, discovery, and wonder and yield exceptional levels of student learning.
  4. Innovative Teachers, Students, Schools, and Communities:  PEF attracts, develops, and incubates innovations that increase student engagement and learning and improve public education.
  5. Effective and Sustainable Organization:  PEF is a vibrant and sustainable organization.

Invest in PEF

PEF has worked for over 30 years to make sure that an investment through PEF is an investment in long-term student success. When you give to PEF, our work becomes your work. You become our partner. And you make a difference in students’ lives.

We are happy to recognize donations in honor or memory of a teacher, family member, friend, or colleague. Simply note the name of the honoree on our online giving form and list the name and address for the gift notification (your gift amount will not be shared with the recipient).

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