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How to Plan for College

Stacy Lightfoot – VP College & Career Success– PEF

As a parent, counselor and trusted adult, your encouragement plays a critical role in helping students prepare for college. Students rely on their parents, school counselors, mentors and advisors to ensure that they are prepared for the college admission process. Your goal is to convince your students that college is within their grasp. There’s so much to consider when it comes to getting ready for college: where to go, what to study, how to apply, how to pay for it all, and more. Parents and students are often lost in the process. It’s never too early—or too late—to explore options for college or career school. In this session, we will walk through some key steps in preparing for college and provide resources that can help you and your family along the way.

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Passport Scholars Application SY2014-2015

A passport to personal growth and opportunity


PEF’s mission is to challenge, support, and improve Hamilton County public schools so that all students succeed in learning and in life. As a program of PEF, the Passport Scholars Program’s mission is to engender confidence and commitment in your women in order to help them set and achieve goals for their academic and life journeys through college and beyond.


To provide scholarships to summer academic enrichment programs, one on one mentoring throughout high school, and access to private resources for college counseling.

The Passport Scholars Program provides scholarships for outstanding summer academic enrichment programs in the United States – from wilderness ecological expeditions to pre-college academic programs on college campuses to community learning and service projects.

Passport Scholars’ mentoring is done by the Passport Scholars staff in individual and group settings. Staff will assist the girls in preparing for their summer academic enrichment experiences and guide them during their remaining high school years. Passport Scholars will also develop a network among themselves that will build an alliance and facilitate peer mentoring.


The program expectation is for each girl to step out of her environment, take risks, do her best and give back to the community and world beyond. With the opportunity to travel, meet new people and see new worlds, the Passport Scholars Program hopes to enable young women to achieve greater independence, leadership and appreciation of individual dignity and uniqueness.

The Passport Scholars Program also makes available college and financial aid counseling through private resources at PEF. PEF offers the scholars every opportunity to participate in programming offered, which includes Camp College, one-on-one advising, and specialty college tours.

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