Leading and Learning

Great schools demand great leaders.  Our work trains educators in all phases of their careers, from the classroom to the principal’s office to the central office. School-based work, teacher quality and promoting leadership are the pillars on which our Leading and Learning initiatives are based.

Being a principal isn’t easy. It’s comparable to being the CEO of a good sized business, and a good principal is important for the success of a school, its teachers and its students. The Principal Leadership Academy is an intensive, year-long program to train, mentor and prepare assistant principals to take over the job of principal. The topics covered range from management and finance to human resources and external development. Additionally, every aspiring principal is paired with a mentor from the business community.

We are proud to welcome the fourth class of protégés to the Principal Leadership Academy!

Aspiring Principals in the Principal Leadership Academy, Class of 2014

  • Vicki Anderson – Allen Elementary
  • Jim Boles - CSAS
  • Megan Bray - Red Bank Elementary
  • Shannon Braziel - East Ridge Elementary
  • David Carpenter - CSLA
  • Kristen Childs - Hunter Middle
  • Bradley Jackson -  East Hamilton Middle/High
  • Jason McKinney - Normal Park
  • Cherrye Robertson - Donaldson Elementary
  • Michael Smith - Hixson High

The Principal Leadership Academy is a partnership between PEF, Hamilton County Department of Education, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with support from Unum, Joe Davenport, and the United Way.

For more information on the Principal Leadership Academy contact:

Bill Kennedy Director

423.668.2429 •