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Leading and Learning

Great schools demand great leaders.  Our work trains educators in all phases of their careers, from the classroom to the principal’s office to the central office. School-based work, teacher quality and promoting leadership are the pillars on which our Leading and Learning initiatives are based.

We believe that the world can be our school. Fortunately, we aren’t the only ones. Fund for Teachers is a national nonprofit that understands how important it is for teachers to experience the world first hand so they can share their knowledge with their students.

Through a partnership with Fund for Teachers, PEF offers teachers fellowships to travel in the U.S. or across the globe in search of cultural enrichment, new teaching methods and fun and exciting ideas for the classroom. We believe enriching experiences lead to teacher development inside and outside the classroom. And that means impacting the lives of our students in a powerful way. In 2014, Bradley County teachers were invited to apply for Fellowships as an expansion of the Hamilton County program.

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2014 Fund for Teachers Fellows


Need some inspiration? Read about the experiences of some 2014 Fellows and then imagine how you can connect your classroom to the wider world.

Barger Academy teachers Allison Fuller-Mulloy and Megan McDill will explore connections between geometric patterns and imagery dominant in the native arts of India to facilitate students’ understanding of shapes, lines, patterns and symmetry in STEM disciplines.
Traveling July 8-22

Battle Academy teacher Cynthia Kean, Lookout Valley Elementary teacher Joy Cliett, Red Bank Elementary teacher Jamelie Johns and Wallace A. Smith Elementary teacher Michelle Lowe will participate in the Elementary Mathematics Laboratory teaching and research project at the University of Michigan School of Education to extend teaching practices and coaching knowledge.

Traveling July 27-August 2

Hamilton County High teacher Rachel Goan will visit New York City landmarks while interviewing inner-city social organizations to research strategies for combating truancy, crime, poverty and other social issues impeding student achievement in Hamilton County.
Traveled June 14-24

Hixson High teacher Brinn Dalton will conduct a two month, self-guided tour of Russia’s natural environments, cultural sites and historical landmarks to enhance social studies instruction and establish an on-line collaboration with Russian students learning English.
Traveling June 4 – July 24

Hixson Middle teacher Jeremy Henderson will follow historically-significant portions of the Lewis and Clark Trail, learning about their journey, the resulting westward expansion and the impact on Native American tribes, to create new units with an emphasis on student-led research projects.
Traveling June 6 – July 15

Normal Park Museum Magnet teachers Jill Nichols and Jamie Tipton will retrace Colonial American sites along the east coast to examine, from varying perspectives, the ramifications of events and decisions on people past and present.
Traveled May 26 – June 8

Soddy Daisy High teachers Gilbert Highlander and David Wehunt will investigate the basis of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution in the Galapagos Islands to develop a science unit that emphasizes the interaction of biologic and geologic processes and the effect of these processes on ecosystem development.
Traveled June 17 – 27

Woodmore Elementary teacher Ashley Frogg will attend iPadpalooza in Austin, TX, and, afterwards, visit five cities with resources most aligned with the school’s literacy curriculum to build four iTunesU courses incorporating purposeful technology that prepare students for achievement with Common Core.
Traveling June 5 – 30

Cleveland High teacher Erin Hattabaugh will interview healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom, known for its successful social medicine and educational practices, to prepare students for careers in America’s changing medical industry.
Traveled May 29 – June 23

Walker Valley High teacher Christian Mann will experience across French battlefields and museums the 100-year commemoration of World War I to guide students toward empathy armed with an understanding of global interaction and their role in the world.
Traveled May 22 – June 24

Walker Valley High teachers Rachel Hicks and Ann Pickens will study in Athens, Tinos and Mykonos, Greece, how a culture rich in archaic poetry, heroic ethos and religion influenced the politics of Plato and Aristotle to further student understanding of the evolution of political thought.
Traveled May 25 – June 1

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