Teacher Leadership

The most effective way to increase student learning is to improve teaching. We are committed to developing teachers through every stage of their career, empowering them as professionals for the benefit of our students.


While we are focused on equipping our kids to surpass us, we want to keep up with them as much as possible. That’s why we’ve created the STEM Innovation Hub to provide professional development and learning opportunities for teachers, principals, parents and staff from community organizations.

We are the managing partner of the Hub acting as both the fiscal agent and driving force to create a center where teachers, principals, non-profit organizations, and leaders from business and industry work together to redesign how our children learn about science, technology, engineering, and math. The Hub has great opportunity to advance the quality of STEM resources in southeast Tennessee.

So what exactly is STEM?

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STEM School Chattanooga is part of the Hamilton County school district and partners with the Southeast Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub.

Opened to a freshman class in August 2012 and located at Chattanooga State Community College, the school is a high-tech center for innovative learning. Teachers at the STEM school focus on project-based learning that gives students the chance to explore real-world problems and challenges while working in small collaborative teams. Teachers keep students active and engaged. Students gain a deeper knowledge across all subject matter.

See how local partners are harnessing the power of the Gig network to bring science from California to Chattanooga – in real time.

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For more information on STEM Hub contact:

Kate Skonberg STEM Programs Associate

423.648.4444 • kate@pefchattanooga.org