Teacher Leadership

The most effective way to increase student learning is to improve teaching. We are committed to developing teachers through every stage of their career, empowering them as professionals for the benefit of our students.

Project Inspire

We believe that all students deserve a great teacher, regardless of their zip code.

Project Inspire teacher residency prepares residents to become teachers in the context of, and for classrooms in, Hamilton County Schools. This rigorous teacher preparation program blends  graduate level course work at Lee University with a classroom apprenticeship and one-on-one coaching with a highly effective teacher in a high-needs classroom.

Project Inspire trains individuals who are passionate about teaching in high-needs schools and will have completed a bachelor’s degree prior to starting the residency year. Residents make a four year commitment to teaching in Hamilton County Schools.

Eligibility, program details, and an application can be found at 










Project Inspire is a partnership between PEF, Lee University, and Hamilton County Department of Education. At the national level, Project Inspire is part of the National Center for Teacher Residencies and 100kin10. Generous funding is provided through the National Science Foundation, AmeriCorps, SmartCity Venture and the Lyndhurst Foundation.

For more information on Project Inspire contact:

Lauren Bensman  Communications & Operations Manager

423.668.2425 • lbensman@projectinspiretn.org