Teacher Leadership

The most effective way to increase student learning is to improve teaching. We are committed to developing teachers through every stage of their career, empowering them as professionals for the benefit of our students.

Policy Fellows LogoEducator voice is so often overlooked in developing public – particularly educational – policy. Our teachers are trusted leaders and experts in their field, and extremely qualified to advocate for and inform the policies which affect our schools and community.

PEF is partnering with the Benwood Foundation to develop a 16-month Teacher Policy Fellowship to support these leaders in driving change from the inside, out, as well as elevating teacher voice and the teaching profession.

Teacher Policy fellows will delve into local, state and federal policies that affect students in Hamilton County. They will learn from educational and community leaders, working together as a cohort in advocating for policies supporting their students. The scope of Teacher Policy Fellows will expand beyond that of other such fellowships by exploring issues outside of schools, such as poverty, crime and other social issues which directly affect students and families in Hamilton County.

From visiting the county jail to writing an op-ed, Teacher Policy Fellows seeks to provide teachers with a truly unique experience. Part graduate seminar and part Leadership Chattanooga, the cohort will meet monthly to learn about policies and our community, to develop the skills necessary for effective advocacy and to take action in changing Chattanooga for the better. Sessions include:

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In addition to professional development and a one-of-a-kind experience, teachers will also receive a $1,000 stipend.

Applications will open in August 2017.

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For more information on Policy Fellows contact:

Geoff Millener Innovation and Technology Programs Manager

423.648.4448 • geoff@pefchattanooga.org