Teacher Leadership

The most effective way to increase student learning is to improve teaching. We are committed to developing teachers through every stage of their career, empowering them as professionals for the benefit of our students.



iPLC Cohort 3

Tablets, laptops, smartphones, interactive whiteboards, robotics — education technology is clearly here to stay.  However, access to technology is only the first step.  Tech alone will not enhance the learning process for our students.

Research strongly suggests that collaborative groups of teachers (Professional Learning Communities) are one of the most effective mechanisms to identify and cultivate innovative educational practices.  In order to continue to amplify teacher voice and elevate the vast amounts of expertise in Hamilton County schools, participants in iPLC engage in a thriving community of like-minded professionals that share and scale effective technology integration practices.

What’s new?

As we go into our fifth year of the program, we will leverage the expertise that we know exists in our schools to start localized iPLCs.  This year, we are recruiting iPLC Facilitators to organize and run iPLCs in their schools.  The iPLC Facilitators will receive training and ongoing support from PEF staff to build their facilitation skills and knowledge of effective instructional technology integration.  A stipend will be awarded to iPLC Facilitators to honor their time and commitment.

2017-2018 iPLC Facilitators 

For more information on iPLC contact:

Cliff Brittingham Instructional Development Coordinator

423.648. 4448• cbrittingham@pefchattanooga.org