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Dev Dev

Are you interested in being a programmer? What about working for a startup one day?

Dev Dev: Summer of Code is the camp for you.

PEF, in partnership with AIR Labs and the Benwood Foundation, is looking for students with an interest in coding and a beginning-to-intermediate level of experience to join us for a summer camp unlike any other. You’ll get to learn HTML, CSS, graphic design and 3-D modeling, as well as work with developers and entrepreneurs fueling Chattanooga’s technological growth.

The camp is open to HCDE high school students, although preference will be given to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Dev Dev will meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 2pm beginning Wednesday, July 6th through Friday, July 29th . Lunch and snacks are provided every day, and transportation can be made available.

Though the cost of this experience would normally be more than $600, through the support of Benwood, scholarships are available for all 20 participants.

Applications will remain open until June 15th, so don’t delay!

Summer of Code Application


As the Gig City, Chattanooga has an opportunity – and an imperative – to become the most digitally literate community in the country. We have resources in both our tech infrastructure and our human capital that no other city can boast, but how can we keep those advantages from growing, rather than closing, the digital divide? The same way as we have overcome many other challenges: Together, and with an eye on the future.

The goal of Dev Dev is to create a cohesive pipeline for digital literacy and coding education for students in and out of the classroom.  Digital literacy can best be described as the ability to locate, organize, understand, evaluate, and analyze information using digital technology. It is not a stand-alone concept for only a few students who are interested in careers in coding. It is a means of nurturing innovative thinking in all students and giving them tools to be successful now and in the future.

Dev Dev seeks to provide a centralized resource for teachers, parents and students as they seek out opportunities for digital literacy and coding education. Now fully integrated into the work of PEF, Dev Dev will focus on coordinating K-12 coding and digital literacy curricula, educators’ professional development and extracurricular opportunities, with a further focus on fostering local partnerships between teachers, students and industry professionals.

Download Dev Dev overview

For more information on Dev Dev contact:

Geoff Millener Innovation and Technology Programs Manager

423.648.4448 • geoff@pefchattanooga.org