Science, technology, engineering, and math - STEM for short - are subjects that develop problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills.  Regardless of their future career path, students need a solid understanding of these concepts.  Our work helps ensure that our students have access to the intellectual capital needed to lead and participate in a technology-driven world.

STEM Teaching Fellows

Our STEM Teaching Fellows initiative will enhance and harness the collective energy and knowledge of 30 outstanding area teachers who will serve as leaders and pioneers in STEM education in our region.

Our STEM Fellows will be leaders in STEM education in their communities and across our region. Over the course of a year, they will learn and share the best practices from our region, and our nation, work with leaders from business, industry and higher education to develop STEM lessons and STEM curriculum that will be shared with schools, parents and community-based organizations. STEM fellows will serve as advocates for STEM education and front-line trainers of teachers and staff at schools and community organizations in southeast Tennessee.

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For more information on the STEM Teaching Fellows contact:

Keri Randolph Director

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