Science, technology, engineering, and math - STEM for short - are subjects that develop problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills.  Regardless of their future career path, students need a solid understanding of these concepts.  Our work helps ensure that our students have access to the intellectual capital needed to lead and participate in a technology-driven world.

Project Inspire

How do you get smart, motivated teachers into math and science classrooms at high-need schools? You offer them more support than they could ask for through an innovative model of teacher preparation. It’s called Project Inspire in Chattanooga.  Our residents come from various backgrounds but all have a background in science, technology, engineering or math.

Project Inspire is api_logo teacher residency whose main goal is to inspire teachers to teach and students to learn. We are equipping teachers for high-need science and math classrooms in middle and high schools.

By providing practical learning, hands-on experience, and a support network teachers need to be effective right away, Project Inspire is building a real movement for education reform starting from the ground up.








Project Inspire is a partnership between PEF, Urban Teacher Residency United (UTRU), Hamilton County Department of Education, Tennessee Technological University, with support from AmeriCorps and First to the Top.

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Do you have specific questions or need to know more? Please email coordinator Erin Harrell, director Mark Neal, or call 423.668.2425 and we’ll be happy to speak with you about this opportunity to transform students’ lives.