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It is our responsibility to be a source of information regarding education for our community.  We stay current on trends and issues within the industry, and we continuously gather and analyze data on our initiatives to share results with the community.


Leading and Learning

  • Entering its 15th year, 337 Leadership Fellows serve in diverse leadership roles, from assistant superintendent to principal to instructional coach, in 72 schools across the district.
  • The Principal Leadership Academy has produced 25 graduates, 18 of whom are now serving as principals.
  • Building upon the success of the Benwood Initiative, 115 first-year elementary teachers were mentored and 106 teachers were trained to help English language learners.
  • Over the past two years, students’ math scores went up in every middle school in the district, with an overall increase of 16.6%.  Literacy scores improved by nearly 5% across middle schools in Hamilton County over the past two years.  Hamilton County middle schoolers continue to exceed the national average on the ACT EXPLORE, a test of college and career readiness.
  • Fund for Teachers has invested almost $200,000 in 58 teachers over the past two years, allowing them to enrich their teaching by studying in places as diverse as Cambodia, Costa Rica, and Columbia University.

College and Career

  • College Advisors work in 17 Hamilton County high schools to help students plan for, apply to, and enroll in post-secondary education.
  • 1,761 graduates in the Class of 2012 enrolled in  178 different institutions and secured $19 million in scholarships.
  • 60 first-generation rising high school seniors previewed university life at Camp College.
  • 11 promising young women were selected to become Passport Scholars and enroll in top-notch summer enrichment programs.


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