College and Career

One of the most important decisions our students will make is what to do after graduation.  Our College and Career Success work focuses on encouraging students to explore their options for post-secondary education, and provides them with support and access to tools to help them accomplish their goals.

Passport Scholars

Our Passport Scholars initiative helps high school girls set and achieve goals for their academic and life journeys. The girls enter the program with little exposure to the larger world, and after participating in a rigorous summer enrichment program they return more confident, capable and open-minded. With the opportunity to travel, meet new people and see new worlds, program participants are better equipped to make a difference in their own lives and communities. The summer experience lays a foundation upon which to build for college and for life.

In addition to funding the summer programs, Passport Scholars helps the participating girls set and achieve long-term goals and offers one-on-one mentoring and college counseling.

Passport Scholars is a partnership between PEF, the Hamilton County Department of Education, and the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga with support from the Weldon F. Osborne Foundation and Kitty & Hacker Caldwell.

Congratulations to the summer 2013 class of Passport Scholars!

For more information on the Passport Scholars contact:

Stacy Lightfoot Vice President, College and Career Success

423.648.4443 •