College and Career

One of the most important decisions our students will make is what to do after graduation.  Our College and Career Success work focuses on encouraging students to explore their options for post-secondary education, and provides them with support and access to tools to help them accomplish their goals.

College Bound! Graduates

Our College Bound! campaign highlights the successes of Hamilton County graduates and encourages current high school students to dream big. You can see them on billboards across Hamilton County, and follow them through their first year on campus on our blog beginning in late October.

College Bound! is a partnership between PEF, the Hamilton County Department of Education, and BI-LO Charities.


2013 Brainerd

Antinea’s board is on Brainerd Rd SS 0.45mi EAST OF Tunnel FACING WEST

2013 CCA

Malaiya’s board is on Dallas Rd ES 500ft SOUTH OF Sylvan Rd FACING NORTH

2013 Central

Erin’s board is on Hwy 58 ES 150ft NORTH OF Hal Dr FACING SOUTH

2013 CSAS

Casey’s board is on McCallie Av SS 0.3mi WEST OF Dodds Av FACING EAST

2013 E Hamilton

Tej’s board is on  E. Brainerd Rd NS 250ft EAST OF Morris Hill Rd FACING WEST

2013 East Ridge

Kayawne’s board is on Ringgold Rd NS 400ft EAST OF Moore Rd FACING WEST

2013 Hamilton County

Isaac’s board is on Lee Hwy NS 0.6mi EAST OF Little Debbie Pkwy FACING WEST

2013 Hixson

Emily’ s board is on  Middle Valley Rd WS 100ft SOUTH OF Boy Scout Rd FACING NORTH

2013 Howard

Ralphelle’s board is on Market St WS 400ft SOUTH OF I 24 FACING NORTH

2013 Lookout Valley

Alyssa’s board is on Cummings Hwy NS 0.2mi WEST OF Lookout Crk FACING WEST

2013 Ooltewah

Jackson’s board is on  Ooltewah Ringgold Rd ES 600ft SOUTH OF Lee Hwy FACING NORTH

2013 Red Bank

Taylor and Alice’s board is on Dayton Blvd WS 0.5mi NORTH OF Memorial Dr FACING SOUTH

2013 Sale Creek

Niki’s board is on US 27 ES 1.8mi NORTH OF McCallie Ferry Rd FACING SOUTH

2013 Sequoyah

Jennifer’s board is on US 27 WS 0.75mi NORTH OF Highwater Rd FACING SOUTH

2013 Signal Mountain

Austin’s board is on Signal Mountain Rd WS 400ft SOUTH OF Suck Creek Rd FACING NORTH

2013 Soddy Daisy

Brandon’s board is on Hixson Pike WS 450ft SOUTH OF Daisy Dallas Rd FACING SOUTH

2013 Tyner

Aneshia’s board is on Bonny Oaks Dr NS 300ft EAST OF Jersey Pike FACING WEST

For more information on the College Bound! Graduates contact:

Shannon Edmondson

423.668.2430 •