Strategic Plan

In the winter of 2011, we began our most recent strategic planning process to define what we needed to do to maximize our ability to improve our public schools. As we began, it became clear that our strategic plan had to be grounded in the extraordinary circumstances surrounding public education today at the national, state and local levels. Working with Education First, a nationally respected consulting firm, we gathered and analyzed extensive comments and input from local, state, and national leaders involved in public education and public education reform.

The analysis of the environment surrounding public education today and the extensive input from others resulted in a new approach to our work and the identification of four core areas for PEF’s path forward. Together they form the backbone of our new strategic plan.

Our Mission

The Public Education Foundation’s mission is to improve student achievement in public schools through highly effective teaching, strong leadership, and strategic partnerships so that children succeed in learning and in life.

Our Beliefs

  • All children are curious and eager to learn and will succeed at very high levels when held to the highest expectations, taught with a rigorous curriculum, and nurtured in welcoming schools, engaging classrooms, and supportive communities.
  • All schools must have visionary leaders and skillful teachers, who, in turn, must have on‐going training and support.
  • High performing schools succeed on the assessments required by state government but they are not focused exclusively on test scores; high performing schools also provide skills, experiences, and relationships that help students succeed in their career, their community, and their life.
  • Creating and sustaining high performing schools demands the support of an entire community.

Our Goals

  1. Develop and support leaders who create superb schools where every student meets Tennessee’s rigorous new standards
  2. Develop and advance highly effective teaching so that all students learn in classes that are engaging, relevant, and rigorous
  3. Prepare every student for success as a learner, a citizen, an employee, and a leader
  4. Inform the public about what does—and what does not—work in the world of school reform and become an even stronger advocate for great public schools

Download the PEF Strategic Plan