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February 1, 2017 • admin

MBD: Girl Edition seeks high school applicants for 24Hour Generator

We are looking for young women interested in participating in the third annual 24Hour Generator, a reverse-pitch competition open to high school girls from across the Tennessee Valley and co-hosted by PEF, CO.LAB and GPS. The event will take place March 11.

Please share the flyer and application with students who spring to mind, or recommend them using the same application form.

The 24Hour Generator can be a great opportunity for students who break, rather than fit, the traditional mold – we’re not just looking for the class presidents or the valedictorians, but instead for girls who may have yet to find their passion. Here are a set of profiles to illustrate types of students who may make especially good candidates.

Some quick details, with more information available at getyourmbd.com:

  • Applications are open to female high school students, grades 9 through 12, whether home-schooled, publicly or privately educated. We have 50 spots available in this year’s event; applications will close February 20th.
  • Local businesses and startups present challenges to teams of students; these teams then work with business leaders and mentors to develop a unique solution and pitch over the following 24 hours.
  • Teams will present their ideas to the public and a panel of judges, for prizes and recognition, at Mad, Bad and Dangerous: Girl Edition on March 11th.  The final pitch event will be open to the public, so families, friends and teachers are welcome to attend and cheer on their students.
  • Our sponsors graciously cover the costs of attendance, meals and transportation for all participants.
  • The Generator is an all-nighter, with female chaperones and security.
  • Participating students have received internships from the companies with whom they’ve worked, and we’ve seen friendships blossom. It’s a great opportunity for shier, creative talents and out-of-the-box thinkers!
  • Participants and their families will all be invited to a VIP reception with community and entrepreneurial leaders after their event.

Questions? Contact PEF’s Geoff Millener (423.648.4448 or geoff@pefchattanooga.org).